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When posting to social media this weekend, don't forget to use #acplchampionship and tag us @ace.tournaments on Instagram and Facebook!

The following information includes important tournament information that we have shared with club directors and coaches to share with spectators and athletes. This page includes important information for anyone attending this event.


RVC Byrdhill
2921 Byrdhill Rd.
Henrico, VA 23228
RVC Stonebridge
200 Karl Linn Dr.
North Chesterfield, VA 23225
Location for each division provided below under the section titled "Schedule" with wave information.


  • Anyone 2 years and older not fully vaccinated is required to properly (over the nose and mouth) wear a face mask at all times. If fully vaccinated, masks are optional.

  • Coaches, club directors, parents, and spectators are responsible for confirming that anyone attending or participating has not had COVID-19 symptoms within the 5 days leading up to the event OR come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 5 days and not received a negative test result between 5-10 days after that contact. For more information on what is suggested, click here. If the team has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the CDC guidelines, please notify us immediately.

  • Individuals who are sick or not feeling well, please stay home

  • Individuals who are at risk or immunocompromised are encouraged to stay home.

  • No fireworks, ammunition, firearms, or other weapons or any item or material which by commonly accepted practices and principles would be a hazard or harmful to other persons.

  • No alcohol is permitted to be brought into the facility.

  • No pets are allowed. This includes service animals not trained to perform a necessary life-saving task as defined by VA State Law.

  • PLEASE have your athletes pick up the trash around the bench area after each match and have your athletes clean off and around the scoring table after a work assignment.


  • Parking is free. IF conditions are wet, NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. There is additional parking in the rear of the building. This lot can be accessed by driving along either side of the building.  There is also parking on the opposite side of the street.

  • Bring your own chairs as there is not seating available on every court. BUT please be courteous to other spectators and remove your chair from the side of the court when your child is not playing.

  • No outside food or drinks regardless of the container may be brought in the building or on to the patio. You may bring one refillable water bottle with you. If your team would like to bring food, you may tailgate on the grassy area in front of the building.

  • There is a cafe that will be open during the tournaments which sells breakfast sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, chips, granola bars, salads, wraps, ice cream, Gatorade, water, soda, etc

  • No smoking is permitted inside at any time (Electronic cigarettes / vapes included.) 


  • Parking is free. Please respect our neighbors and do not park in the lot for The Element (condos/apartments) area located across the street.

  • Outside food may be brought in the building but must be kept in the mezzanine (upper level) area only. There are currently no tables or chairs available.  You may bring a folding table, no more than one per team and no larger than 9 sq ft for a food table.  Coolers must be stored under your food table. You will need to provide your own chairs for the mezzanine area.

  • No open containers or paper/plastic cups. Only SECURE personal containers are accepted. AKA no disposable cups from Starbucks, Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, etc.

  • Bring your own chairs as there is not seating available BUT please be courteous to other spectators and remove your chair from the side of the court when your child is not playing. Seating is allowed on the mezzanine (upper level) and where there is blue tile near the courts. Do not sit or “camp” on the concrete area located downstairs around the welcome desk, office, water fountain, bottom of the stairs, etc. Please keep the Emergency Exits clear and free from obstructions both inside and outside of the facility. 

  • Volleyball handling is allowed ONLY on the sport court (no concrete areas).

  • This location is a smoke-free campus. No smoking anywhere on the property.


Any tournament questions should be directed to the Championship Desk at your location.


An adult club/team representative will need to check in prior to each team's first match by turning in a printed and signed AES team roster for this specific event to the Tournament Director on Saturday. Keep the following in mind with your roster:


Teams will need to bring warm up balls. ACE will provide game balls.


When your team has a working assignment, you will need people responsible for the following positions: R2, two line judges, score sheet, score flipper, and libero tracker.


Please, encourage your athletes to clean up their areas when done. For example, leave the game areas clear of all trash after playing or reffing. Do not leave items sprawled out throughout the building when done with your break(s).


Every team will play a minimum of sets equal to 5 matches. Aka, each team will play a minimum of 6 sets on Saturday and 4 sets on Sunday. Pool play will take place on Saturday with playoffs on Sunday.

Format for pool play will depend on the number of teams within a division and pool. Pools with four teams or three teams playing a crossover match will play two sets to 25 with a third set to 15 if needed. Pools with three teams not playing a crossover match will play three sets to 25 regardless of the outcome.

Pool winners will be determined by set percentage. If there is a tie, it will go to the point differential. If there is a tie, there will be a coin toss.

Playoffs will be best two out of three. The first two sets will be to 25 with the third set, if needed, to 15.


Doors will open an hour prior to the first matches of the day. The schedule and results will be updated on the AES website throughout the tournament: ACPL Championship Grand Prix Schedule Link

The schedule for the 14-Club division will be getting updated as we had a team drop. An email will go out to Club Directors and Coaches of those teams once that is done.


13 Club

17 Club

17 Open

18 Club


14 Boys

14 Club

15 Club


14 Open

15 Open

16 Club

16 Open


16 Boys

18 Boys


Admission is $30 per person for the entire weekend or $20 per person for one day. Children 5 and under are FREE. Tickets will be sold Saturday and Sunday when doors open.

Cards and cash accepted. If paying by card, note that there will be a processing fee. Note that, with this being a packed event, using cash will help the line move much faster.


Our friend Joey will be selling tournament T-shirts from outside the building.