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The Maroon and Orange (M&O) is a series of two-day tournaments hosted by ACE in Virginia.  It provides matched competition with open and club divisions so that every team has the opportunity to play at the appropriate level and enjoy a successful tournament. The last tournament of the series  allows teams within each division to compete for a Bid to the AAU Nationals Championships.

2021 TBD 2021 TBD March 28-29 May 23-24
LOCATION Spectrum Sportsplex in Roanoke, VA
We hope to be back in Blacksburg for the 2021 season!
Due to the gym renovations at our usual spot, we are unable to host our events there for this 2020 season. However, their estimated completion date is prior to the 2021 season.

SANCTIONED The first three M&O events of the season are JVA sanctioned. See instructions below. HOWEVER, the Super Regional will be AAU sanctioned. All clubs, athletes, and adults on the roster MUST be an AAU member in order to participate. If you are a non-AAU club, please, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Per JVA policy for a JVA-sanctioned event, all adults on the rosters need to have a current JVA Background Screen/APS training. They DO accept the USAV Background Screen/Safe Sport training. They DO NOT accept AAU Background Screen. However, regardless of the background check, everyone needs to go through the link and follow the instructions provided below from JVA.

All adults on the roster must show as verified under "BG Screen. Ver." on the roster. In order for this to show up, all adults on the roster will need to visit JVA Registration and do the following based on membership status:

*If they have a current USAV membership, on the affiliations page in that link select USAV. They will then be able to enter in their USAV#. They will NOT need to take the JVA training.

*If they do NOT have a current USAV membership or JVA membership (aka only AAU), they will need a JVA screening. It is $38 for a two year screen/training. [Basically this means if you did not have a background check through USAV or JVA, you will need to have this.]

DIVISIONS Girls Club U13-U18. Divisions are subject to be combined depending on the number of teams within each division.

SEEDING We do our best to rank appropriately while also keeping previous M&O participants in mind. First, we rank based on previous M&O results within the same season. Second, we look at overall results of the remaining teams. If a team is playing up in a division (for example, U12 team playing in a U13 division), they will be ranked after all of the other teams within the age bracket unless we have results from previous tournaments for them within that same age bracket.

FORMAT  Teams start in pools with placement based on each team's record. The results of pool play will determine placement of each team in single elimination playoffs. Each match will be the best of three sets with the first two sets to 25 and the third set to 15. No cap. Each team will be guaranteed five matches.

SCHEDULE  The schedule will be available the Wednesday night prior to the event. Generally, doors open at 7AM with the first match of the day starting at 8AM. This is subject to change. An email will be sent to all emails associated with coaches and club directors connected to team rosters by Wednesday evening with the schedule and event information. It is the responsibility of the coaches to share this information with the athletes and team's spectators.

REGISTRATION FEE $500 due by 11:59PM three Fridays prior to the event.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE  Registration is available via AES starting October 1st and ending at 11:59PM the second Friday prior to the event. Click the tournament name above to register.

ROSTER INFORMATION  Roster registration is due by 11:59PM on the second Friday prior to the event. While you will be able to view and print, once this deadline has passed you will NOT have access to making changes. 

The roster that you create in AES specifically for this event will be required for team checkin prior to the team's first match. You will need to turn in a printed and signed version of this. If it does not show membership numbers, you will need to bring your team's AAU or USAV roster IN ADDITION to the AES event-specific one.


All adults on the roster must show as verified under "BG Screen. Ver." on the roster.

Please note that we communicate with teams using the emails attached to coaches on the rosters. If the email is wrong or not yet updated, we have no way to communicate directly. For this exact purpose, we suggest that you upload your roster early on in the season.


Prior to four weeks. - Full refund.
Two to Four weeks out. - 50% of entry refunded if drop.
Two weeks out or less. - No refund.
If your team registers but then is unable to play, we greatly appreciate you informing us as early as possible by  emailing us.
For questions, you can contact us via email at

These events are not affiliated with Virginia Tech or the Virginia Tech Volleyball Program.




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